Admistrative Arrangement

After Shri Devi was installed and the worshipping procedures became regular, it seems that the entire administration of Marikamba Temple was centralized in the hands of a prominent individual person of the town. Though more detail are not available about it, it is understood that Dhakappa and Islur families of the town carried out the administration of the temple systematically for a longer term. This temple also came under the control of ‘Hindu Temple committee’ which came into force in 1955. Subsequently the appointment of Trustees came into practice. Now the administration of the temple is being carried out by the Board of trustees as per the direction of the District Judge who nominates the Trustees. The term of the board of trustees is five years. The District Judge reconstitutes this Board once in every five years. This Board of Trustees functions within the framework of the approved byelaw.


President of board of Trustees

1955 to 1970 : Shri S. S. Dhakappa (3terms)

1971 to 1975 : Shri Balakrashna Hegde, Dodmane

1975 to 1979 : Shri S. M.Hemashetty

1979 to 1980 : Shri S. P. Revankar

1980 to 1985 : Shri R. G. Raykar

1985 to 1990 : Shri R.G Isluar

1990 to 1995 : Shri G.M Naik

1995 to 2000 : Shri P. D. Bhoyi

2001 to 2005 : Shri V. U. Patgar

2006 to 2010 : Shri D. H. Sanu

2011 to  2016 : Shri R. M. Hegde

From 2016      : Shri Venkatesh Naik

The income of treasury of Shri Devi is increasing day by day. The great responsibility of safe guarding and proper utilization of the money rests with the board of trustees. That is why active persons of integrity. Honest and good character are nominated for the board Trustees of the temple.

Institution and associations that have not received assistance and did from the inexhaustible treasury of shri Marikamba Devi are rare in the district. It is almost nil. The objectives of Shri Marikamba temple, as per its written constitution, Are mainly- to assist Nity Annadana . Religious, ethnic, educational, cultural, social, medical and developmental activities. The temple utilizes it income for library , publication, group marriage, honoring talented students etc. Major income of the temple is reserved for such noble activities.

FROM 08-04-2016 TO 07-04-2021

Shri Venkatesh Lambodar Naik President
Shri Manohar Govind Malmane Vice President
Shri  Laxman Mukund Kanade Trustee
Smt Shashikala Jagadeesh Chandrapattana Trustee
Shri Shantaram N. Hegde, Bhandimane Trustee