Maremma stayed over

The people of Sirsi were over joyed When Shri Devi’s idol was found at Sirsi. They were happy feeling that their village was graced by Shri Devi. They incident of disgrace to Basava and thereby caused pain to themselves was coincided by the incarnation of Devi at Sirsi made the people elated. Till then the temple of Devi was the temple of Marki-Durgi only. The only fair was the fair of Marki – Durgi. The people were eager to istal the newly found idol of Devi in thevillage with pomp, along with the goddesses Marki – Durgi . This auspicious time approached.

The elders and learned discussed enough about the place Where Devi be istalled. In front of the present Marikamba Temple. In a place beside the road leading to Kotekere the part of Devi’s idol were assembled for the first time. It is known that the worshipping ceremony was conducted there according to their faith. That place was then possessed by a carpenter named Havalayya. Later his family came to be known as Havalayya family. Thus Devi came here as Gali – Mari and settled down as Maremma.

After some times cheluvadis and leaders of the community decided to find a suitable place for Maremma. They got consent from there Guru mutt. The heads of different communities of sirsi, the elders of Gollgeri, Bachagaon, yasale, Lingadakona Duradundi Swamiji of bidkibail mutt and others together sent a behest to swadhi Mahasansthana through the swamiji of then flourished Nandikeshwara Mutt at Swadi. They got permission from Sadashivaraya, the king of Swadi.

Shri Devi was installed in a place where Marikamba temple is an present, in the year 1611 of Shri shalivahan Era, Shukla samvatsara, Vaishakha masa, Shuddha Ashthami, Tuesday (1989 A.D) In memory of the day Jayanthi utsava of Shri Devi is observed even today on Vaishakha Shuddha Ashtami. The fair was held even prior to the installation od Devi. It is known that the people of round about villages and all the people of sirsi gave contribution for the fair. Some of them, by hereditry, are serving Devi rven today.

There are reference about fairs of Gods and Goddesses at Sirsi even before the First fair Mari. But details are not available. The fairs of MArki- Durgi. Were held in Bidkibail itself.

Construction of the temple

It is but natural that gifts in kind and gold began to flow everyday from the devotees into Devi’s treasury as the fame and greatness of Maremma was spreading in the surrounding villages. On account of enemity with region of Sirsi began to follow Maremma of Sirsi instead of going to chandragutti region. A small but was built in the place where Mari was installed. Worship and adoration of Devi continued for many years in the same small hut. It is learnt from legends that in 1760 A. D. or so sanctum sanctorum, tower, theatre, Chandra shala (verandah) were built out of Devi’s fund only. On special occasion , infrount of the temple, the roof made of areca leaves supporting on high wooden poles used tobe constructed. Onc eat the time of Kartika Deepotsava a garnalu (Pyro- technics) thrown high fell on the roof. Thebroof made of areca leaves was more than 100 feet long. It was completely burnt. The frount portion of the temple was also damaged. After some years of this incident, It is understood that the elders of the village came forward to build the frount view of the present day grandeur infrount of the temple. Details are available on this connection that people from different villlage came and offered bitty (free service ). Hundreds of carts arrived here carrying gifts, instruments and materials, In 1873 A.D. the frount view of the temple was ready and thefair of the year was held with all grandeur.

In recent years the main portion of the temple and the entrance have been renovated in novel way. The grand auditorium infront of the main temple of shri Devi and an extensive verandah around the temple, choultry for lunch, wedding Hall and such other magnificent buildings have come up by the side of the temple. The sanctum sanctorum, the top of the temple with lions on it, huge sized twin elephants at the main entrance, the temples of Bhootaraj, Triambakeshwara, Mahaganapati, Hanumanta etc. have added beauty to temple. Magnificence of the temple, cleanliness, charm all in all flash the eyes. Now Marikamba Temple has become not only a religious centre of prowess but also has earned the name as worth seeing place in the country.

No words are enough to explainthe beauty of Marikamba Devis idol when it is fully adorned with gold ornaments. The idol with real coloured facial expression invading the sanctum sanctorum is supernatural. The architect of the idol of Shri Devi is attractive and makes the devotees engrossed in emotion and thereby makes them get divine experience. The wooden idol of Marikamba is about seven feet high. She has eight arms. The diety has distinct weapons in her hands symbolizing different powers. Her seat is on a lion. The crown of devi is embedded with nine gems along with artistic intricate carving. This huge golden crown was prepared in 1925 A.D. by the well known gold attist of sirsi late gururao Raykar. The delicate carving works in Shri Devis Silver palanquin and in aureole (prabhavali) are marvelous.

During the fair the same idol is taken to the seat of the fair. After the fair is over the idol is again installed in the temple. Excepting the fair the festival idol (utsavamoorthy) is used in palanquin celebrations and other festivals.